• Nordic Grit

    Technology from the happiest country in the world.

    Finnish design and development for the global world.

  • Nordic Grit

    Innovation for tomorrow, accomplished today.

    Products of the future, today.

  • Nordic Grit

    Interdisciplinary expertise for the interdisciplinary world.

    Nordic Grit approaches problems from a multitude of perspectives: design, technology, and human factors.

Arctic Brilliance.

Nordic design is minimal on the outside but with endless possibilities on the inside.

Form and Function.

We do not settle. We solve problems making both the aesthetics and the functionality a priority.

Tomorrow, today.

We develop for tomorrow, today, with the state-of-the-art technology without sacrificing reliability.

We embody the Nordic Grit.

Technology that innovates, and persists through the ages. Nordic Grit is more than a quality, it is a state of being.

Featured Work

Nordic Grit is an up-and-coming technology project from Finland designing and developing cross-platform applications with cloud support. Our first launches are just around the corner.

Nordic Grit—at your service.

We innovate for you, with you. Unleash the Nordic Grit within you.